About Us

What is RCIS Construction?

Innovative end-to-end construction solutions

RCIS Enterprises delivers innovative and cost-effective construction solutions using the latest technologies and practices. Our work combines modular, prefabricated and traditional construction methods to create highly functional work and living spaces that are built significantly faster and cheaper.


RCIS Enterprises is a sub-brand of Commercial Interior Solutions, a disruptor of the commercial architecture sector that differentiates itself from others through a creative, innovative and profitable approach to developments. Our strong partnerships with global leaders in the industry facilitate the integration of prefabricated, modular and complementary building technologies that produce sustainable and affordable developments across a range of real estate sectors.


RCIS Enterprises focuses on sourcing the best construction solution for your needs by leveraging our global network to provide the required building technologies and materials at a highly competitive price.

Our method of bringing mobile factories to site delivers significantly faster results than conventional builds. Mobile factories have the added benefit of being highly sustainable and waste-efficient since the production and disposing of materials is all done on site.


RCIS Enterprises is a disruptor in the construction sector that differentiates itself from other builders by focusing on rapid, quality, prefabricated construction using, where possible, mobile factories taking construction to site and complementing with other building technologies to produce sustainable and affordable developments across a range of global real estate sectors via our global network.

Who is RCIS Enterprises?

Experts in construction, development, investment and real-estate with 10+ years of combined experience

Ben Castro

Ben brings over 8 years of construction site and project management experience to the team from the modular, residential and commercial construction sectors and is the company's registered builder.

Ben is highly experienced in the modular construction process having been involved in the successful handover of numerous modular projects.

Ben's modular construction expertise and his international business relationships have laid the foundation for RCIS Enterprises Construction to become a mobile construction company that delivers innovative and sustainable buildings in place and on time, and be recognized for build quality through excellence in design, construction and affordability.

Why RCIS Enterprises?

We utilize our proven track record, passion and commitment to deliver superior value in the design, quality, and service of end-to-end construction.

Experienced project team

Our experienced team offers time-tested end to end service, making the process of designing and building your project enjoyable and hassle free. In addition to the construction of your project, we cover town planning, site connections, demolition, site clearance and landscaping.

Flexible cost structure

RCIS Enterprises offers fixed cost contracts or Cost Plus contracts. Our projects are designed specifically to meet each client’s requirements, budget and site. There are no set plans or price lists. The cost is dependent on the size, the complexity of each design and the level of finish.

Custom design

We collaborate with you to create a unique design or use an existing design that we tailor specifically to your project requirements and budget. Our combination of modular, fabrication and traditional construction systems results in innovative and flexible living/working spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Flexible construction

Specific end-to-end construction solutions to suit your specific site and budget. We utilize the combination of modular, mi-fab, and traditional construction methods that is most applicable to your project.

Quality Control

Our dedicated quality team travels both locally and overseas to oversee fabrication and are heavily involved in the design and implementation of the quality procedures with our international and local manufacturers.

Energy Efficiency

We have international partnerships and supply agreements with local and global renewable energy companies who assist in energy efficient designs, systems, construction, and eco-friendly materials.