Traditional Construction

What is Traditional Construction?

Diversified traditional on-site construction

The respective benefits of modular, prefabricated and traditional construction methods are hotly debated. The truth is that there are times when certain aspects of, or entire construction projects are best built using traditional onsite construction. We assess each individual project we build to determine if traditional construction is best suited for the client’s site and budget, or if a combination of modular or fab is necessary.

Diversified traditional on-site construction

Why use Traditional Construction?

Time-tested construction optimized for today and beyond

We provide innovative designs and durable traditional construction solutions, having amassed extensive experience and broad knowledge in all aspects of the construction, commercial and resource industries.


Office, retail, education, health and aged care, fit outs, refurbishments.


Retirement villages, lifestyle villages, apartments, multi-unit developments.


Warehouses, workshops, sheds, factorys, office and showroom.


Custom or specialty projects.