Steel Fabrication Construction

What is RCIS Construction?

Rapid mobile construction made possible.

State of the art mobile, steel frame erecting and manufacturing factory suitable for the harshest remote environments. RCIS is an advanced, end-to-end design and build system that enables blazing-fast construction of quality structures using basic tools and minimal labour.

Rapid mobile construction made possible.

Why use RCIS Construction?

Every great build requires a strong foundation

RCIS fabrication can be used to manufacture light gauge steel frames and trusses for a diverse range of projects and markets. Smart software streamlines the engineering, designing and detailing processes, ensuring buildings can be built quickly while remaining strong, durable and fit for purpose.

Restaurants and hospitality

Lifestyle and retirement villages

Health and aged care

Multi-unit developments

Hotels and apartments

Community and education

Offices and retail

Benefits of RCIS Construction

See why RCIS is rapidly gaining popularity.

Affordable Cost

Cost for RCIS steel frames is highly competitive as we manufacture in house and eliminate the need for transport from major city factories.

100% Termite Proof

Our steel frames are not susceptible to termite attack, and also do not require toxic chemical treatments like other types of framing products.

Fire Safe

Steel is a naturally non-combustible material and an ideal choice for the bushfire prone climates, significantly reducing the amount of flammable materials in the home.

Strong & Durable

Precision engineering and steel’s natural properties ensure shrink-free, warp-free, dimensionally accurate construction. Our steel frames are designed for long life, and their structural integrity ensures trouble-free future extensions if required.

100% Recyclable

Steel framing is the environmentally friendly and sustainable option, itself comprised of recycled steel. Due to their light weight, steel framed homes can also be built with minimal site impact.

Design Flexibility

The structural strength of steel is an architect’s dream, allowing greater innovation, individualisation and longer spans, ideal for the sought after open plan living of today.