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About working with us

Construction and property interior solutions made easy

The construction and property sectors continue to grow with ongoing interest. The team at RCIS Enterprises and our partners monitor and complete detailed analysis of construction and property development projects, examining a number of macro and micro factors, to identify projects that outperform the markets.

Construction and property interior solutions made easy

Why Work With RCIS?

Knowledge and experience that has stood the test of time

RCIS Enterprises’s team has a successful track record of construction and property development across diverse local and international markets, specializing in turning inefficiencies in markets into opportunities. Our unique construction systems bring superior return potential to our construction and property development projects.

Our point of difference lies in our approach, which is centered on leveraging the knowledge and networks of our team of entrepreneurial construction, property development and construction professionals. We pride ourselves on the quality of our long-term relationships and global partnerships that we have cultivated for the benefit of our clients.

Benefits of working with us

Innovative construction and development solutions with quality returns

Expert team

Our expertise lies in sound analytical skills and understanding of market opportunities. We determine construction and regeneration capacity of buildings and the projected return to clients for each project.

Strict criteria

We believe patience is key to success. We do not proceed with new projects unless it has met our strict criteria. Our conservative risk-mitigation assumptions provide a safe buffer for unexpected downturns.

Due diligence

Each project goes through a detailed and extensive due diligence procedure to protect our clients' capital.

Risk management

While market conditions can't be controlled, we greatly mitigate risk over the full term of the project by the conservative assumptions in our financial projections.

Flexible structures

Each projects structure is professionally set up to suit the investor, whether it be individual, partnership, joint venture or a specific trust.

Mutual success

The interests of all of our clients is paramount to us. We succeed when our clients succeed.